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Greenbuild Conversations – Join us 11/18

by Nancy Rogers on November 15th, 2010

Notes to self this week: Engage with as many people as possible during Greenbuild Expo. Listen to what is being said. Observe what is being done to market green products and services. Contribute impressions to others passionate about our planet’s future. Make connections.

As Leanne noted in her most recent post, social media fosters a more collaborative approach. One of the best outcomes is a means to form groups around specific interests without traditional introductions. Arts events bolster my creative energies. In the same way, Greenbuild stimulates my thinking about how to better communicate green messages.

For many years, helping clients shape and share their green stories has been my focus. Greenbuild  surrounds me with people of similar mindset, seeking information to use in our daily work. While designing, building or managing buildings is not my skill set, it is what I read, study and write about. Social media allows me to locate and create subsets within the broader green community for professional development.

In June, I attended a London conference initiated via LinkedIn and learned that Europeans use humor more effectively than in the U.S. to convey environmentally focused stories. Following the Society of Environmental Journalists conference, tweets and website visits kept me current. Locally, I founded Atlanta Green Communicators on LinkedIn to gather people with similar challenges. These informal bi-monthly meetings bring together individuals in government, media, corporate, agency and non-profit settings that previously had no structure to connect. I recommend starting one in your community.

The day before leaving for Chicago, I am following #Greenbuild on Twitter like election results. Once on site, social media becomes a framework to talk in person. I look forward to conversations of more than 140 characters.

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Join @GreenEarthPR bunch for #Greenbuild cocktailing & chat @GiltBar, Kinzie & Franklin, 6pm Thurs, November 18.