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A Twitpic DIY to Boost Tradeshow Visibility

by Reva Revis on September 14th, 2011

In perusing the plethora of social media platforms, I noticed that many companies and individuals are ramping up for the busy fall trade show season. In the pre-Twitter dark ages, we were forced to gear up for trade shows in isolation with individual email blasts and direct mail. Now, with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, we are able to build a mini-community specific to a trade show that allows us to connect with attendees and exhibitors in a more collaborative and democratic process before, during and after the event. My favorite social media tradeshow tools are Twitter and Twitpic.

Twitpic is free and easy to use. If you have a Twitter account, you can log into Twitpic by using your Twitter username and password. Twitpic lets you upload images via your computer or smartphone. Twitpic also provides a unique email address for each account (it is in the Twitpic account settings) so that you can upload an image via email with your corresponding tweet in the subject line. No matter which uploading method you choose, your image is then pushed out on Twitter.

In the weeks leading up to a trade show, I typically research which hashtags are emerging. For example, the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair changes each year: #NeoCon11, #NeoCon12, etc. Greenbuld, however, uses a combination of #Greenbuild and a hashtag that is specific to the show theme, such as #GBNEXT. Sometimes organizers will publish an “official” Twitter hashtag on the event website.

Next, I upload a product image via Twitpic with a tweet along the lines of:

#Greenbuild preview:  Product Name by @Manufacturer, booth number 123 #GBNEXT

The link for the Twitpic image will appear in the tweet. Then, I post the tweet inviting others to post to the gallery. For example:

#Greenbuild exhibitors upload product images to the @Twitpic gallery. Use hashtags #Greenbuild or #GBNEXT or

I’ve even posted invitations to events such as cocktails in a tradeshow booth – just save that invitation artwork as a jpeg and post! It’s a great tool for getting everyone on the same page, literally, well ahead of a tradeshow.

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