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Occupant Behavior: Five Keys to Meeting Environmental Performance Goals

by Nora DePalma on January 27th, 2012

Ashley Halligan, a facilities management analyst who recently wrote a piece discussing Occupant Behavior for her company’s website.

With a huge trend in LEED certification and environmental performance in facilities management and building projects, developing strategies pre-occupancy is essential to encourage tenant participation in meeting performance goals. Because building occupants vouch for up to 50% of “plug use,” or use that cannot be dictated by Building Automation Systems (BAS), it’s essential to engage them from the beginning. No matter how eco-savvy a project may be, without occupant observation of energy expectations, meeting stated goals is impossible.

In Ashley’s article, she interviewed a forward-thinking environmental performance software company and LEED experts to compile five ways to boost occupant compliance. These five strategies include:

Engaging occupants before they move in
Taking a holistic approach
Measure with new technology
Provoke competition
Create transparency

To visit each strategy in detail, read the full article here.