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Sales of ‘Green’ Household Products Fall as Consumers Cut Spending –

by Lisa Lilienthal on May 3rd, 2011

This April story from New York Times talks about ‘green fatigue,’ particularly in the relatively higher priced category of household cleaners.  The conclusion seems to be that consumer won’t pay more for green products during a recession, but I suspect it is a little more complicated.  Speaking purely as a consumer, I’m more brand loyal to companies that have sustainability in their DNA – like Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Seventh Generation — to me, those products perform better and are more in line with my family’s lifestyle. What do you think?

Sales of ‘Green’ Household Products Fall as Consumers Cut Spending –

Sustainability 2.0: Current Trends at the Confluence of Social Media and CSR | Sustainable Life Media

by Lisa Lilienthal on May 3rd, 2011

The Sustainable Brands 2011 conference is just around the corner, and this new report on social media and CSR is a great primer for the dynamic conversation that is sure to be found at this annual gathering of some of the best minds in the business.

From the article:  ” … this intersection of social media and sustainability is a right-of-passage for companies seeking Authenticity, a momentum-changing force for companies in today’s economy. The rewards for companies that manage authentic communications are enormous. Authenticity not only allows companies to more effectively manage their external reputations and brand perceptions, but it encourages greater employee engagement and improved recruitment opportunities. And the most authentic companies are able to open up new market opportunities because they avoid being defined by market perceptions.”

Sustainability 2.0: Current Trends at the Confluence of Social Media and CSR | Sustainable Life Media.

Global Green Marketing Market to Reach $3.5 Trillion by 2017, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

by Lisa Lilienthal on May 3rd, 2011

This is an interesting report on the size and scope of “green marketing” activities, which contradicts some of the ‘green fatigue’ press we’ve seen lately.  Are your clients putting more or less of their budgets towards ‘green’ marketing, or as is the case with mine, is ‘green’ implicit in everything they do?

Global Green Marketing Market to Reach $3.5 Trillion by 2017, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc..

Go ahead, print this email

by Lisa Lilienthal on March 25th, 2011

One of the best things about my job is the chance that I have to see how real change-agents think. It’s my observation that sometimes it is as simple as turning an idea on its head — thinking the opposite of the status quo. That’s true for Interface founder and chairman Ray Anderson who, when his financial people told him back in 1999 that solar power “didn’t pencil”, said, “Have you thought about the potential market for solar-made carpet?” With that one sentence, he transformed thinking, the solar array was installed, and later that year, the California-based Interface subsidiary got a huge order — based on the solar — that paid for the entire investment.

I thought about that Ray story today when I was copied on an email from Rolling Stones keyboardist/passionate environmentalist/tree farmer Chuck Leavell. At the bottom, below his signature, where many people wave the green flag with a little note that says, “think before you print this email,” was this statement:

Notice: It’s OK to print this e-mail. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of Americans, and working forests are good for the environment, providing clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago.

Once again, a big thinker who has turned an idea on its head.

Chuck has a new book out this week, “Growing a Better America.” He says it is all about smart growth, and as you can imagine, he has some real street cred when it comes to that idea.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go print out some emails ….

According to Harvard Biz Review, Green Earth PR Network has it all!

by Lisa Lilienthal on March 9th, 2011

These authors contend that you need operational, developmental and strategic networks — exactly what we spoke about (in different terms) at our retreat this week! Depending on how and when we rely upon and use one another strategically, we are potentially all three to one another.

The Three Networks You Need – Linda Hill & Kent Lineback – Harvard Business Review.

State of Green Business Report 2011 | Business |

by Lisa Lilienthal on March 8th, 2011

Have you seen the State of Green Business Report for 2011 from GreenBiz? It’s a free download that gives a great snapshot of where we — we being primarily corporate America — are in our sustainability journey.  As the editors say, “The results, as evidenced by the GreenBiz Index, show a mixed bag: While some green practices are strongly swimming — notably, paper use and recycling, investments in cleantech, and the growth of LEED — there are many others that are simply treading water or sinking.”

There’s a free download of the report available here:

State of Green Business Report 2011 | Business |

Greenbuild Submissions Deadline Extended to Monday, January 17th, midnight Pacific.

by Lisa Lilienthal on January 17th, 2011

Check in with USGBC here:

and look for tips & tricks below. Good luck!

From Fast Company — Do Something

by Lisa Lilienthal on January 16th, 2011

Cool content from Fast Company columnist Nancy Lublin, who admits to being a conference junkie. She asks, “What makes a conference worth it?” and offers a quick 5 question quiz to help you decide whether the event is “travel worthy or a time waster.”

Here’s an idea – get your subscription to CONNECT, the web-based database of B2B sustainability events — up and running and use Lublin’s quiz to help you hone your choices. We’ve done the work researching events, dates, locations, costs, and we’ve included only those events that we (or the folks in our network) consider to be a valuable investment of your time and resources. Schedule a 15-minute phone demo this month and you’ll be eligible for a discounted annual subscription rate of $495 (regular rate is $995). For more info:

Ready, set, pack!

Greenbuild Conversations – Join us 11/18

by Nancy Rogers on November 15th, 2010

Notes to self this week: Engage with as many people as possible during Greenbuild Expo. Listen to what is being said. Observe what is being done to market green products and services. Contribute impressions to others passionate about our planet’s future. Make connections.

As Leanne noted in her most recent post, social media fosters a more collaborative approach. One of the best outcomes is a means to form groups around specific interests without traditional introductions. Arts events bolster my creative energies. In the same way, Greenbuild stimulates my thinking about how to better communicate green messages.

For many years, helping clients shape and share their green stories has been my focus. Greenbuild  surrounds me with people of similar mindset, seeking information to use in our daily work. While designing, building or managing buildings is not my skill set, it is what I read, study and write about. Social media allows me to locate and create subsets within the broader green community for professional development.

In June, I attended a London conference initiated via LinkedIn and learned that Europeans use humor more effectively than in the U.S. to convey environmentally focused stories. Following the Society of Environmental Journalists conference, tweets and website visits kept me current. Locally, I founded Atlanta Green Communicators on LinkedIn to gather people with similar challenges. These informal bi-monthly meetings bring together individuals in government, media, corporate, agency and non-profit settings that previously had no structure to connect. I recommend starting one in your community.

The day before leaving for Chicago, I am following #Greenbuild on Twitter like election results. Once on site, social media becomes a framework to talk in person. I look forward to conversations of more than 140 characters.

Follow us @woodnewman @noradepalma @revarevisPR @lisalilienthal @louisemulherin & @greenearthpr

Join @GreenEarthPR bunch for #Greenbuild cocktailing & chat @GiltBar, Kinzie & Franklin, 6pm Thurs, November 18.

Green Earth PR in PR Tactics Magazine

by Nancy Rogers on July 7th, 2010

Amy Jacques, Public Relations Tactics news editor, sought comments on CSR best practices from Green Earth PR Network consultants along with communication pros from Ben and Jerry’s, Eastman Kodak and Microsoft.

The industry trade publication “interviewed communications leaders at a variety of companies to find out why CSR is more important now than ever and how they are conveying their socially conscious mindset to their clients and to the community at large.” GEPR responses addressed our values as well as tools and tactics including social media. Please join the conversation and add your comments at