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CONNECT to Greenbuild 2011 – Call for Speakers Closes Friday, January 14!

by Lisa Lilienthal on January 10th, 2011

What does it take to write a winning Greenbuild Presentation submission?

With an average of 1,500 submissions to fill about 100 education tracks, the odds are good that your submission will need to shine to rise to the top.

Jeremy Benkin, LEED AP, at CB Richard Ellis chairs the Program Working Group for USGBC (a volunteer position). He’s here to demystify the process and offer a few tips.

First, the basics:

Submissions are due January 14 at 11:59 pm PST, no exceptions.

It’s an online submission. We recommend that you prepare your submission ahead of time in a Word doc and then cut and paste it into the required fields, paying attention to the word/character count for each section ahead of time.

The 2011 theme for Greenbuild is NEXT, and the event is in TORONTO this year (have those passports handy!) and it’s OCTOBER 4-7th.

Here’s what’s different this year, per Jeremy:

• The 2011 Call for Speakers now includes the Residential Summit, the International Summit as well as Greenbuild and the Government Summit (renamed from “Federal Summit”) The Federal Summit was renamed to acknowledge that much of the innovation, progress and experiences to share are coming from the state and local levels as well as our Federal Government.
• Pay attention to the new Topics Areas in the Call for Proposals – you’ll need to choose one for your submission.
• You also need to identify a Session Framework for your proposal – choosing from: Proven Performance, Projects with 12 months of Performance Data, Challenges and Failures in Green Building, Human Impact, Costs/Benefit Analysis, and Forward Thinking & Visionary Concepts. These were based upon the feedback from the Greenbuild audience. The goal is to ensure proposals be educational and relevant.

• Finally, there is a new Thought Leadership & Research track that will follow a new review process including a peer review of published papers prior to inclusion in the Greenbuild program.

Speaker proposals are PEER REVIEWED and you’re invited to be a part of that process!

USGBC uses a three‐tiered review process to review all submitted and complete proposals. In other words, you really have to grab the reviewers on the first round to make the cut and continue in the process.

Stay on top of the 2011 Calendar with CONNECT. CONNECT is a user friendly and intuitive database of key B2B events. With a simple but effective list building mechanism, CONNECT can, within an hour or so of time, connect you to the relevant details you need to build client plans, create speaking calendars and consider travel and other budget items for 2011.

Friends of Green Earth PR Network qualify for a $495 annual subscription rate (discounted from the published $995 rate). If you’d like a demonstration, we’ll be glad to set one up – it takes about 15 minutes by phone — just send a note to And if you have friends or colleagues who would benefit from knowing about CONNECT, please spread the word — we’ll honor the discount with your networks, too.

Are you showing up in 2011?

by Lisa Lilienthal on November 30th, 2010

I show up; it’s part of my personal brand. Get married, have a baby, have a party – heck, just invite me over! – and I’m there. I’m at my best at a meeting, in a crowd, at a trade show, or even just out to dinner. I get a lot of great energy from being with other people, especially those that I like or have something in common with, and I always learn something.

My enthusiasm for the power of personal connection extends to my professional life and also to the counsel I provide to my clients. In this era of budget cutting and travel restrictions, I understand that “showing up” is more complicated and expensive than ever, but I still think that travel to conferences and trade shows is worth consideration – maybe now more than ever.

A couple of years ago when the Green Earth PR Network was meeting in Atlanta, we were talking about assets we could share with one another. I was offering what was, at the time, an enormous spreadsheet – a great big Excel document where my colleague Christine and I housed all of the details for all of the speaking and networking events we were facilitating with our clients. Judith Webb took one look at it and said, you should offer your database as a service! Practically overnight, the CONNECT database was born.

Now in its third year, CONNECT is more robust than ever, with nearly 150 key business to business events in the sustainability space. We offer details like the date, location, contacts, deadlines, and fees, with a link back to every event’s website if you require a deeper dive into a particular listing. The search function that allows you to build and maintain multiple lists is straight-forward and intuitive. In fact, I can build a full year’s speaking and networking calendar for a client in just under two hours!

We’re just putting the final touches on the most major update we’ll do for 2011, and we’ll continue to monitor for events that haven’t yet posted their plans for this year. Already you can see that new events have come online, some events have faded from the scene, and a number of conference have moved around on the calendar or chosen new geography this year.

We’re offering a special rate of $495 for an annual subscription for those who subscribe in 2010, and we’re always happy to walk you through a demonstration of the database during a 15-minute phone demo. Email for more information. And while we’re on the subject of getting together, when are you having me over for dinner?