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Tweet Me Green

by Leanne Newman on September 9th, 2011

Within the Green Earth PR Network, we each have our social media “favourites”, meaning the type of social networking we each like to do.  My personal preference is twitter.  I love hearing the 140 character snippets from interesting people across the world.  I love making a connection based on a common interest with someone in Auckland, England, Vancouver and New York City as easily as I can with someone down the street. And I love seeing cool pictures from perfect strangers of their trip to Marrakesh.  Yeah, I know.  Some people don’t get it, but there are millions of twitter users who do.

So when work and my fascination with twitter come together, it’s complete fun for me. I was asked to host a #kbtribechat twitter chat for kitchen and bath professionals next Wednesday, September 15th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST.   Since a large portion of my work deals with kitchens only, I asked Green Earth PR colleague and bath product expert Nora DePalma, to co-host with me.  The chat is a gathering of industry professionals with common knowledge and professions, sharing ideas, advice and experience all within 140 characters.  It’s fast paced and entertaining and it’s a personal challenge to keep up with the idea stream as well as contribute.

Nora and I are formulating five questions to pose to the group within the hour about green communications and claims in the kitchen and bath industry.   Once the questions are tweeted, we watch, learn and comment as the responses flow in.  Our topic is entitled, “Shades of Green: Determining what IS and ISN’T”.  Even if you’re not involved in the kitchen and bath industry we will be talking about manufacturer claims, materials, responsible practices and general green principles which apply to business as a whole.

Search the hashtag #kbtribechat on twitter and drop by to say hi. Find me @woodnewman and Nora @noradepalma.

Poll: Pros Skeptical of Green Product Claims – Green Products – EcoHome Magazine

by Nora DePalma on February 25th, 2009

Poll: Pros Skeptical of Green Product Claims – Green Products – EcoHome Magazine.  Almost 90% of EcoHome magazine readers responding to a poll said they do not believe manufacturers’ claims about how green their products are.  The poll was part of an editorial regarding the dreaded greenwashing.

That why our service Grammar of Green exists.   Depending on your current position and requirements, Green Earth public relations consultants will help your team with training or assess your outreach efforts on the nuances and regulatory considerations when sharing your green story. We are also available as speakers to educate your audiences on ways to correctly communicate using Grammar of Green.

Kudos to EcoHome for setting editorial standards for products they will cover.