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Communicating Green: Trade Show Participation Part I | 2011-06-09 | ED+C Magazine

by Lisa Lilienthal on June 10th, 2011

Green Earth PR Network’s own Louise Mulherin has contributed a blog post to ED&C magazine‘s site, just in time for summer trade show season and the big daddy of the commercial interiors world, Neocon.  Here are her tips for thoughtful trade show participation and attendance:

Communicating Green: Trade Show Participation Part I | 2011-06-09 | ED+C Magazine.

And, don’t forget that Green Earth PR offers CONNECT, a web-based subscription database of the best events in the B2B green/sustainability/corporate social responsibility space!

GreenEarth PR Launches CONNECT

by Nora DePalma on February 17th, 2009

Smart companies know that sustainability and survivability aren’t mutually exclusive — and that it’s not about sacrifice, it’s about efficiency.  That’s the idea behind the new, web-based subscription database that the GreenEarth PR Network is launching today: CONNECT

A CONNECT listing looks like this

A CONNECT listing looks like this

The idea came about last summer when we, the GreenEarth team, were sharing notes about upcoming events, new trade shows, speaker deadlines and contacts.  We realized that information we’d gathered, over the course of a few years, was substantial.  Wouldn’t it be great to share that information with people who are working on similar strategy for their clients or firms?  Thus, CONNECT was born.

CONNECT currently contains data on over 125 events in these key areas:  green building and energy, corporate social responsibility, green business, socially responsible investing, and commercial real estate and development.

Designed to function much like a media database that you might already be using, CONNECT allows you to search for events by date, category, or region, and includes information on trade shows, speaking opportunities, publications and sponsorships.  An annual subscription is $1,495, but if you use our introductory code, you’ll get a 35% discount, if you subscribe by March 31, 2009 (CODE:  GEPRBLOG35).

Building lists is simple and intuitive — you conduct a search, and as you review each event, you simply click on “Add to List(s)” to add it to your lists.  You can build and maintain multiple lists simultaneously.

CONNECT is a living and dynamic database that will constantly be updated with new events and changes, such as deadline extensions, calls for speakers, etc.  And, subscribers will automatically receive a twice-monthly email with breaking event news, updates and insightful interviews with event organizers that you won’t find anywhere else.